Progressive Delivery: Safe at Any Speed Playlist, Blogs

Intrigued by Progressive Delivery, the idea of moving faster & more safely by decoupling deploy from release? Watch or read Safe at Any Speed!

Video Playlist

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Blog Series

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  1. What’s The Difference Between Feature Flags and Other “Flags” in Software Engineering?
  2. Are You Using Feature Flags for Controlled Rollouts, but Winging It for Observability?
  3. Decoupling Deploy from Release: An Essential Foundation
  4. Why would I want to decouple deployment from release?
  5. The Path To Progressive Delivery
  6. Four Shades of Progressive Delivery


The origin story of Progressive Delivery in a single tweet.

James Governor (@monkships) tweet saying nice things about this blog/video series.

Common questions about Split & Progressive Delivery from AWS re:Invent 2019 participants, plus video of Dave’s presentation at AWS re:Invent 2019.