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Dave Karow

Advanced Feature Flagging: It’s All About the Data

What’s the key to advanced feature flagging? It’s all about capturing feature flag data. Learn how to do it with the right data attribution engine.

Get to Know Split’s New Azure DevOps Integration

Our goal in this first project together was to streamline access to the full power of feature flags when building and releasing code with Azure DevOps.

A/A Testing for Product Experimentation You Can Trust

A/A testing is an essential foundation for conducting trustworthy online controlled experiments. With it, you prove your test infrastructure is ready.

The Value of Not Knowing

Believing you have all the answers before you start is the surest path to waste and unnecessary suffering along the way.

Do You Really Need that Change Advisory Board?

If our organizations want to survive this period of political and economic uncertainty, they must be able to move with speed and adaptability.

Adaptability in Software Development Must be Powered by Informed Action

Three examples of organizations that have trained and tooled up to go beyond sustainability and efficiency to achieve adaptability.

Optimize Your DevOps With Feature Flag as a Service

Why build or buy a robust feature flags as a service platform when you could just implement a simple toggling mechanism as a one-off and be done with it?

Continuous Integration: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Blind spots have a way of coming back to bite you down the road. When building software, the size of that “bite” grows exponentially with time.

Top 3 Feature Flag Use Cases

Feature flags let you control which users are exposed to code. This super-power of dynamic exposure control drives the top three feature flag use cases.