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Healthfirst’s Journey With Split: Opening the Floodgates Without Drowning

Dave and Julian explore and share how Healthfirst migrated users to a new user experience in a safe and rapid way using Split


Join us in this informative webinar replay as we delve into Healthfirst’s successful journey with Split, the feature flagging and experimentation platform. Julian, a key member of Healthfirst’s customer digital experience team, shares their experiences and key use cases of using Split to enhance their mobile applications and digital services. From implementing customer chat to streamlining premium payments and navigating regulatory changes, Healthfirst has leveraged Split to improve their customer experience and achieve business results.

Key Takeaways

  • Implementing customer chat: Learn how Healthfirst used Split to seamlessly roll out and expand their customer chat feature across multiple platforms, ensuring efficient coordination and smooth deployment.
  • Streamlining premium payments: Discover how Split helped Healthfirst enable feature one-time payments and navigate regulatory changes, ensuring members could conveniently make payments and maintain coverage.
  • Journey towards feature flagging: Gain insights into Healthfirst’s growth journey with Split and their plans for AB experimentation, automatic rollbacks, and learning from successful failures.
  • Impact on the release process: Explore how Healthfirst’s release process has evolved from traditional to dynamic, thanks to the adoption of Split’s feature flagging system, enabling controlled and efficient deployments.
  • Collaboration and acceptance: Understand how Split has improved collaboration and workflow among Healthfirst’s internal teams and external stakeholders, facilitating seamless coordination and flexibility in feature releases.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Healthfirst’s experience with Split and discover how feature flagging can enhance your digital services and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Watch the webinar replay now.

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