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Team Split

New Research: The Feature Management Impact Report

Benchmark your feature releases against the rest of the software industry. Download this research report to learn more.

Kubernetes: 10 Best Practices for Unlocking Success in Container Orchestration

To harness the true potential of Kubernetes and ensure smooth operations, adhere to these practices.

A Complete Guide to Trunk-Based Development

The rise of an agile software industry makes trunk-based development a necessity. Know the strategy–inside and out.

Online Loan Marketplace Gains Release Control With Feature Flags

When you’re an online loan marketplace, managing feature releases with a homegrown system can quickly become overwhelming. Download this case study to learn more.

How a Feature Toggle Kill Switch Works

A feature toggle kill switch is a mechanism used in software development to quickly disable features. Learn how they work.

From 2 to 100 Feature Releases Per Month

Experian used to experience slow deployments. Then, they partnered with Split. Download this free customer story to learn more.

Playbook for Mitigating Risk When Developing Software for Financial Services

We asked Ariel Perez, VP of Engineering – Measurement & Learning at Split, for his take on risk mitigation in this industry.

New Feature: Custom Analysis Time Frame

Unleash Your Measurements Our approach at Split for creating statistical measurement is very rigorous and top-tier in the industry. We have two methods to calculate metrics—fixed horizon and sequential testing—and multiple experiment settings that allow users to modify the end… Read more

New Release: RUM Agents for Web and Android

Now Automatically Capture Event Data Releasing new features shouldn’t be a risky, stressful experience. That’s why Split pairs feature flag data with performance data to monitor every feature, for every metric, for every rollout. This enables you to quickly understand… Read more