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Team Split

And We Made the List: Best Software Development Tools on G2

Split has been officially added to G2’s 2024 list of Best Software Development Tools.

The Difference Between Rolling and Blue-Green Deployments

Get a better understanding of the Rolling deployment and Blue-Green deployment methods.

Implementing Feature Gates for Product Development

Feature gates represent a paradigm shift in software development, enabling teams to deliver value to users more rapidly.

Differences Between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing

Know the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing. Plus, learn how feature flags play a role.

Monoliths vs Microservices vs Serverless

Selecting the right architectural approach is critical, and it can greatly influence the success and scalability of a project.

How Feature Flags Enable Trunk-Based Development

Trunk-based development can’t be accomplished without a way to commit unfinished code to a build that may end up in production. That’s where feature flags come in. Feature flags are key to enabling a modern approach like trunk-based development.

Understanding Different Types of Usability Testing

Types of usability testing include comparative, exploratory, moderated, unmoderated, and remote. Your choice depends on product and user experience goals.

Use Feature Flags in Support of Progressive Delivery

Grasp progressive delivery in software development and learn how feature flags are an integral component.

Streamlining DevOps Governance With Feature Flags

Feature flags can be a powerful tool for simplifying and streamlining DevOps governance.