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Split and Atlassian Partner in Support of Open DevOps, Delivering a Seamless Developer Experience with New Jira Integration

REDWOOD CITY, CA, April 28, 2021 – Split, the leading feature delivery platform, today announced a new integration with Jira Software in support of Open DevOps, an open toolchain allowing software development teams to use Atlassian products with third-party tools as a seamless, all-in-one solution. The integration unites Split’s feature flagging capabilities with Jira project planning, giving engineering and product teams greater visibility, enhancing coordination when tracking release progress, and enabling greater efficiencies from flag creation to rollout to code cleanup.

“We’re particularly excited to partner with our investor Atlassian on this new Open DevOps launch,” said Trevor Stuart, Co-founder and President at Split. “Every customer we work with has their own unique software development and business requirements, and brings a complex and diverse toolchain built to serve those requirements. The faster and easier Split can integrate with that toolchain, the better we set up that customer for success. Open DevOps makes this all possible. Our integration with Jira Software is the first of many we aim to deliver with Atlassian’s best-of-breed tools in unifying the DevOps and feature delivery lifecycles.”

Split is the only feature flagging vendor with an integration that enables users to connect, view, and share Jira issue and flag information in both platforms. As issues and flags scale, this informs teams working on either platforms when features are safe to rollout or flags are ready for code cleanup, mitigating release risk and technical debt. Moreover, all of this can be achieved without the upfront investment of engineering time spent stitching together disparate tools. With Jira Software as the backbone of their toolchain, teams can deploy code faster on Split and Jira without constantly switching between tools or tracking down the owner responsible for every project and release.

“We saw teams bringing their tools together in Jira naturally and wanted to make this a little easier to do by drastically reducing the barriers to integrate tools,” remarked Suzie Prince, Head of Product at Atlassian. “The tight integrations with best-of-breed tools, coupled with insights in Jira, means teams will be operating at a much higher velocity, than ever before.”

Now when creating a new Jira issue, an engineer can connect a feature flag and deploy code on their own schedule without the risk of disrupting the user experience. When ready for release, the engineer targets the new feature to a small percentage of the user base in just a few clicks within Split. When the feature is deemed safe to rollout to more users, a teammate or a product manager in Split quickly reviews the associated issue status before dialing up the percentage of users targeted. Once the feature is 100% released and no outstanding issues remain, the engineer can then safely perform code cleanup. The feature status is continuously reflected in Jira so that the entire development team has visibility. 

After observing how teams have used Jira and Split together to complete this process in the past, it was clear that an integration would deliver immediate efficiency gains and be a prime candidate for helping software development teams discover the value of Open DevOps. “Split’s combination of feature flags and data is instrumental to a team’s ability to ship better software, faster,” said Chris Hecht, Head of Corporate Development at Atlassian. “We know developers will want Split in their toolchain and require a seamless experience with Atlassian products. We are thrilled to be deepening our partnership with Split through this Jira integration and Open DevOps launch.”

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