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Manage Feature Delivery at Scale with Split’s Industry-First Feature Rollout Dashboard


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As with any type of process, the more work and people involved, the harder it becomes to consistently deliver quality results on time. The same is true for feature releases. While feature flags add significant speed and safety to the release process, keeping track of growing flag volumes can be a slow and error-prone task. This introduces the risk of forgotten flags, unnecessary delays, and noncompliance. For enterprise teams, the risk is exponentially greater.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Statuses and Rollout board functionalities, making it fast and easy to manage flags and experiments at any scale, for teams of any size.

Move Fast Without Missing a Flag

With Statuses, you can assign the stage of a feature in its release process upon creating a new feature flag or updating targeting rules for an existing one. Doing so allows you to check the latest status for any flag or experiment, saving you the time and trouble of digging into its configuration. All flags with a status assigned will automatically appear in the Rollout board.

The Rollout board visualizes all flags by their status and conveniently includes all the details you need to quickly determine appropriate next steps for your flags and experiments. Here, you and your team members can see the number of days since a status was last updated, traffic received across environments, and outstanding alert notifications and approval requests. For teams coordinating multiple releases at any given time, Statuses and Rollout board can help:

  • Streamline feature delivery: Keep flags and team members up-to-date and quickly determine next steps required for any given feature.
  • Enable efficiency at scale: Easily manage and collaborate on multiple feature flags and experiments across teams in a central location.
  • Reduce technical debt: Safely and promptly retire feature flags once features are fully released and prevent unused flags from accruing in your code base.

Manage and Govern the Feature Delivery Lifecycle

Statuses and Rollout board expand our platform’s management and governance capabilities designed to help enterprise teams ensure efficiency, security, and compliance throughout the Feature Delivery Lifecycle. Developers and QA engineers can stay informed with statuses and request peer review with approval flows as features are pushed to production, tested on internal teams, and gradually released to real users. Engineering can also coordinate with Product and Marketing on external betas, experiments, and product launches. As flags and experiments multiply, Statuses and Rollout board can help teams make sure releases stay on schedule and any approval requests or alert notifications that surface along the way receive proper and prompt attention.

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