Reduce Release Risk and Recovery Time with Datadog and Split

Protecting and improving the digital experience is top of mind for every business today. Many of these businesses rely on solutions like Datadog to monitor application performance and user experience on their platform and underlying tech stack. We are excited to partner with Datadog in reducing release risk and recovery time for our customers through feature flagging and cloud monitoring.

Troubleshoot Features Faster with Split’s Datadog Integration

When troubleshooting performance problems, having all the relevant context can help developers dramatically decrease the time between detection and remediation. Our Datadog integration sends Split changelogs into Datadog’s event stream, allowing you to view feature flag changes alongside other activities you’re tracking across your IT infrastructure. Each changelog contains metadata on the feature flag including environment, feature name, targeting rules, the Split user who initiated the change, and a link back to the Split interface.

Bringing feature-level context from Split into Datadog allows you to:

  • Save time investigating root cause
    Correlate a code change or feature release with a shift in performance or other key metrics.
  • Kill bad features in milliseconds
    Reduce time to recovery using Split’s killswitch to instantly disable the feature at fault without having to rollback the entire release or implement a hotfix.
  • Protect the customer experience
    Minimize downtime and outages caused by buggy new features. Catch and stop issues quickly so customers can go back to enjoying your apps and services.

Integrate Datadog and Split Today

Setting up Split’s Datadog integration is easy. Simply generate and name an API key within Datadog and paste it into Split to create the connection. Check out our documentation for a step-by-step guide. To see the integration in action, watch our demo video.

Learn more about Feature Flags and Observability

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