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Andrew Hughes

As SVP of Sales, Andrew Custard is responsible for the development and leadership of our sales function. Prior to Split, Andrew led regional and global teams helping customers solve problems in infrastructure software, agile development, analytics, performance, security, and data availability. Based in our Boston office, Andrew loves music, the arts, history, and owns around 2000(!) vinyl records.

How to Build Microservices in Spring Boot in 15 Minutes

In this tutorial, you’re going to build a microservice in Java using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. The service will be a simple weather service that returns the current temperature for a given zip code or city. It will consist… Read more

Testing in Production with Spring Boot and Kotlin

Build a Spring Boot REST application using Kotlin and learn how to implement feature flags, allowing you to test your app’s behavior.

Controlled Rollout in Java with Spring Boot

Controlled rollouts selectively enables features for a subset of users before enabling for all users. Use it to test new and experimental features.

Continuous Deployment in Node.js with GitHub Actions and Heroku

Take advantage of today’s tools and keep up with your competitors. This tutorial guides you through continuous deployment of your Node.js app.

A Simple Guide to Reactive Java with Spring Webflux

In this tutorial, you will create a reactive web service using Spring Boot and Spring Webflux, with a little help from Spring Initializr and HTTPie.

Fullstack Tutorial: Get Started with Spring Boot and Vue.js

In this tutorial you’re going to create a CoffeeBot app. The app will have a Vue.js client and a Spring Boot resource server, bootstrapped using JHipster.