Shorten the time from code to customer

Feature flags unlock a whole new way to deploy and release code. When paired with ops and customer data, you can achieve faster, safer, and higher-impact software development.

Reduce engineering cycle time

Feature flags speed up development by reducing dependencies across teams. They’re the foundation for trunk-based development, migration to microservices, and progressive delivery.

Trunk-based development

Deploy quickly to keep feature branches pruned


Develop independently and minimize coordination across services

Dark Launch

Release code that is disabled by default

Continuous delivery

Always have your code ready to ship and deliver value to users faster

Mitigate release risk

Feature flags reduce the impact of bad code making it to customers. Launch the feature disabled, release to a canary or blue-green setup, then test in production.

Progressive delivery

Roll out features to users, while controlling risk

Canary release

Try the code within a safe,
defined scope

Blue-green deployment

Go back to safety if anything
goes wrong

Test in production

Ensure it works in prod, not just staging

Create an impact-driven culture

When paired with measurement data, feature flags also power A/B testing, multivariate testing, and beta testing so you can prove out your best ideas.

A/B testing

Test your ideas with randomized, controlled experiments

Multivariant testing

Validate multiple variations in a single experiment

Beta testing

Target new features at internal or early access users

Hypothesis-driven development

Use data-driven hypotheses, not opinions to guide your roadmap

Deliver impact with every feature you build

Speed up development cycles, reduce release risk,  and focus your team on the features that create maximum impact.