Founding Moments: Split Raises an $8 Million Series A

Our mission at Split is to give companies control over their users’ experience. Software is behind every modern customer interaction, yet today’s companies can neither deliver software fast enough nor adequately measure the impact of these new features on their users. Split changes that.

“Split’s controlled release capability provides us a non-disruptive and dynamic way to ship features for testing and deployment. More importantly, it provides the data we need to quickly iterate on our product features in an informed manner.” — Qingqing Ouyang, SVP Engineering, Main Street Hub

Many of today’s companies struggle with a software-delivery process that hasn’t changed much since the days of selling physical products in stores. Massive releases built over months require deep coordination across teams and extensive QA. Problems in the rollout itself can lead to emergency updates, or simply rolling back the entire release while the sales and support teams deal with the customer impact.

We saw a better way, and decided to make a service that anyone, not just engineers, could use to control rollouts—and their customer’s experience.

We raised our seed round last year from Accel to build a great product, a fantastic team, and win a wide swath of customers. Over the last year we did all of that and more. We delivered a phenomenal product, built a cross-functional team of amazing individuals, and have powered millions of customer experiences across companies we admire, like WePaySegment, and thredUP.

As a ‘founding moment’ would suggest, it’s great to have all of this momentum behind us—but it’s just the beginning. We have to continue to innovate, creating tools that help our customers do their jobs better and faster. We have to help them understand their users more deeply, to better-deliver their own innovations to them. And we have to spread the message that teams don’t need to spend their time, money and energy building internal feature control tools: anyone can target users, roll out features and kill problem code with Split.

To achieve all this and more, we’ll need help. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Accel, and bring on Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sway Ventures as well. Ping Li and Steve Loughlin of Accel have been great supporters of our journey for a while now, and are joining our board along with Arif Janmohamed from Lightspeed. Collectively, they bring years of experience partnering with innovative teams like Split, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on our side.

Of course, we’re also looking for more talent. If you’re an engineer, marketing or sales professional who’s interested in our mission, check out our open positions or just drop us a line at

This is another founding moment. None of this would be possible without our customers, our teammates, and our friends. We thank you all for being part of this journey, and hope you’ll stay tuned to what we have in store next.

Adil, Pato, and Trevor