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Adil Aijaz

Split’s Founders: Ask us Anything

This week Split announces that we have closed a $33m Series C. Our co-founders, Adil Aijaz, Patricio “Pato” Echagüe, and Trevor Stuart do an in-house AMA.

The 80% Rule of Software Development

Software development has an impact gap: 80% of features have no or negative impact.

To Feature Flag is to Experiment

With feature flags as a foundation for controlled rollout, dev teams can measure and experiment as they deliver new features.

Feature Flag Anti-Patterns: Flags to Manage API Versions

When versioning your API, consider the tradeoffs between distinct microservices and feature flags.

To Stage or Not to Stage: Moving Fast to Production

Staging environments aren’t great reflections of reality. Instead, investing in CI/CD, feature flags, and QA can skip your code straight to production.

The Five Phase Roadmap of a Feature Launch Plan

Feature launches in leading engineering teams increasingly look like a ramp rather than a one time switch, going through dogfooding, debugging, max power ramp, scalability and learning phases.

Release Frequency: A Need for Speed

If your release train is moving slower than you would like, take a look at these three essential ingredients you should have.

OODA Loops in Product Management

Col. John Boyd came up with a theory of warfare called the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). Companies compete through OODA loops in product. Instead of air-to-air combat, a company that is better at “rapidly delivering valuable software” has a better chance for overcoming competition.

Managing Feature Flag Debt with Split

Feature Flag usage spreads throughout the product & engineering team. Learn to manage your feature flags debt with Split. Read it now!