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Pato Echague

Patricio “Pato” Echagüe is the CTO and co-founder of Split, bringing over 18 years of software engineering experience. Pato was one of the first three engineers at RelateIQ, which was acquired by Salesforce. He was a lead committer at DataStax for the open source Java client Hector. In addition to engineering roles at Google, IBM, and Volkswagen, Pato is an avid tennis player and father of two.

Introducing Switch, Split’s New AI Developer Assistant

Switch is a new AI Developer Assistant that was released rapidly and safely using Split.

Feature Management Architecture & Security

100% of software engineers agree that if you want to embrace CI/CD effectively, feature flags are a necessity. Here are some important architecture and security differences you should know.

Breaking Barriers With External Feature Flags

Many teams are starting their journey with feature flags by going open source or developing their own homegrown tool.

Split Pulls Away From the Pack with ISO 27001 Certification

We’re pleased to announce that Split has earned the ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 certification is an important milestone that further demonstrates Split’s dedication to best-in-class security and compliance while operating at a global scale. ISO 27001 was developed by… Read more

How to Reduce Code Cycle Time with Feature Flags

Companies that invest constantly in tools to help engineering teams reduce the cycle time show higher degree of employee satisfaction.

Increase Security with TLS 1.2

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol used to establish a secure communications channel between two systems.

Kill Your Code Freeze Before Next Holiday Season

With Halloween behind us and the holiday shopping season officially kicked off, we all know what that means: code freezes!

7 Ways We Use Feature Flags Every Day at Split

At Split, we “dogfood” our own product in so many ways. Our engineering and product teams are using Split nearly every day. It’s how we make Split better.

Split’s Founders: Ask us Anything

This week Split announces that we have closed a $33m Series C. Our co-founders, Adil Aijaz, Patricio “Pato” Echagüe, and Trevor Stuart do an in-house AMA.