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Hastle Free Beta Testing Software With Split Feature Flags

Beta testing is a standard way to reduce the risk of releasing a new feature and to speed up the feedback loop from customers.

Split makes running a beta program easy with feature flags to target specific beta users, permissions to free non-engineers to control beta access, and impact measurements as you roll out the feature more broadly.

Beta testing applications

Beta testing is a key stage in the software release lifecycle, giving a development team the chance to run controlled user tests. It is typically preceded by alpha testing with QA and internal testers.

Often run by product managers or engineers, beta tests attempt to validate performance, usability, and functional parameters of a new feature. Once the beta test is complete and the feature is validated, a development team sets a roll out plan, gradual or all-at-once, for general availability.

Guide to beta testing

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Painless beta test management with feature flags

Feature flags give development teams the ability to grant exclusive access to a new feature to a select group of users. They make it easy and repeatable to run beta testing programs at scale.

Split feature flags abstract targeting and roll out policies out of the code so any member of a development team—engineers, UX researchers, product managers—can enroll a user in a beta test. And you can remove a user just as easily.

Run more effective beta tests today

Free your entire development team to easily run beta programs using feature flags to target users and measure impact.