Building a culture of experimentation driven by hypotheses

Hypothesis-driven development reframes software development as a series of changes, outcomes, and measurable results.

Split pairs feature flags with data from a wide variety of sources, automatically analyzing software impact.

A hypothesis-driven approach to software development

Hypothesis-driven development changes the typical software development approach to focus first on a desired outcome and a hypothesis on how to reach it.

Using a series of experiments to validate or disprove the hypothesis leads a development team closer to achieving their desired outcome, such as solving a certain user issue.

Guide to implementing hypothesis-driven development

Achieving hypothesis-driven development with an experimentation platform

Split empowers teams to transition rapidly to a culture of experimentation, combining feature flags with existing data pipelines in a full stack experimentation platform. Experiment with every new feature you build, automatically creating an A/B test and calculating the results.

Define and customize metrics to match your hypotheses. We’ll calculate all metrics for all of your experiments with built-in best practices that ensure your sample sizes, sample ratio, and review period are properly aligned to your experiment.

Make your software development process more innovative

Split brings together everything you need for hypothesis-driven development: feature flags, rich data sources, and automatic impact analysis.