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Reduce risk with canary releases

Canary releases quickly validate whether a new deployment is safe.

Feature flags give you the risk reduction of canaries with the flexibility to control individual features.

What is a canary release?

A canary release is a method of rolling a package of features out to a subset of users to assess the reaction of the overall system.

Development teams use real user “canaries” to look for early indicators of danger or success when releasing software.

Once the canary deployment is deemed safe, the team will progressively roll out the new version to larger segments of the user base.

Canary release best practices

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Feature flags and canary releases

Feature flags give you an on/off switch for each individual feature in a release. Canary releases work at a package-level in the infrastructure, so you test out a whole release version.

Many organizations use both canary releases and feature flags, first testing releases at the infrastructure level with a dark launch, then turning on each individual feature using flags.

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Reduce your release risk today

Feature flags give you all of the safety of a canary with the flexibility of controlling individual features.