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With managing the high traffic as the team’s main priority, Geoff needed to be strategic with their everyday deployments. Explore this case study to learn what was successful for them:

  • Speed and Safety Working Together
  • Break Things Responsibly
  • Increase Release Cadence, Lower the Pressure

Discover how Geoff and his team are using Split to improve their lives.

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Before Split, Speed & Safety Butted Heads

In order to not cause issues for users, the team would test every feature before rolling it out, which meant some features sat in the testing phase for days before they were ready to be released. Geoff did not have the flexibility to change or experiment with any of their features before they were rolled out to their users.

From 2 Deployments a Day to 64

Although the team was being cautious, a slow deployment process was causing them to be more risk averse and backing up the release of features. The team would release larger features, only a couple times a week.

Geoff Rayback case study
“They were talking about it, you’ve got to pick between resiliency and speed, pick one of those things. And I think that’s a totally false statement. You don’t have to pick one of those, in fact, if you do it right, speed can create resilience.”

Learn why agile businesses choose Split

We were fortunate to sit down with software development manager, Geoff Rayback, away from his keyboard. Geoff tackles topics such as speed and resiliency and how to get back to what you love.