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FinServ RoundTable With Split

Join us for this insightful discussion on securing CFO buy-in and leveraging investment opportunities in uncertain times.


This webinar is a follow-up to our previous session on securing CFO buy-in during economic uncertainty. In this recording, you’ll gain deeper insights into the topic as we dive into discussions with our expert panelists. The webinar focuses on the challenges faced by mid-market companies and offers valuable strategies for investing in new tools or further investing in your existing tool stack. Our panelists, Ariel Perez (VP of Engineering for Experimentation and Measurement at Split) and John Capletti (CFO of Split), share their perspectives and provide key takeaways for participants.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the CFO’s perspective: Learn about the natural cadence of planning and investment decisions within your company to ensure you approach the CFO at the right time. Relate your proposal back to key metrics and align it with the company’s financial statements to demonstrate its impact.
  • Establish ROI: Calculate the return on investment by quantifying benefits and costs. Consider the potential impact on headcount, identify key areas for improvement, and tie your proposal to financial outcomes that matter to the CFO.
  • Vendor selection: Look for vendors with a strong reputation, transparency in pricing, and robust information security practices. Consider their financial stability and ability to support your company’s growth.
  • Showcase value as an engineer: Focus on areas where you can improve efficiency, solve existing problems, or prevent incidents. Quantify the potential savings in terms of time, resources, and reputation. Communicate your findings in a language that resonates with the CFO and emphasizes the financial impact.
  • Building a stakeholder team: Socialize your proposal with colleagues, managers, and peers who may have connections to decision-makers. Seek their feedback and support to increase the visibility of your ideas. Start by engaging with your immediate manager and gradually work your way up to reach the right person.

Watch the replay now to gain valuable insights and strategies for your financial decision-making process.

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