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Pull Request

A pull request (PR) is when you request someone in your organization, possibly a senior engineer, to look at your code, review it, and “pull in” the changes. Once a PR is approved, the code can be merged into the main branch. Merging can be done directly in GitHub.

When we create a pull request, we will be prompted to check the base and main branches to see how the flow works. Make sure that your branch is being listed and that you are submitting the PR against the main branch. You will first see the yellow bar with the “Compare & Pull Request” green button. Click on the green button.

Once all of that has been filled properly, the green “Create pull request” button will be enabled so you can submit the PR. You can also create a draft PR if you are working on something and aren’t ready to submit, but your teammates can review it.

Once you click the “Create pull request” button, you will be moved to a screen that looks like the one below. You can see this is where all the info is. The PR is open, the repo you want to merge into main, commits, file changes, and checks.

Once the pull request has been reviewed and tested. It can be merged into the main branch.

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