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Split Launches Feature Experimentation Platform to Unify Continuous Delivery and Full-Stack Experimentation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Split, the company with the mission to empower enterprises to make smarter product decisions, today launched the Split Feature Experimentation Platform, a unified solution for continuous delivery and full-stack experimentation. Available today, the Split Feature Experimentation Platform offers enterprises a secure way to roll out software, target specific features to customers, and measure and analyze the impact of features on key metrics. The Split Feature Experimentation Platform is the only offering that can ingest and process the full spectrum of an organization’s product metrics and tie them back to actual features within the product.

Continuous delivery stemmed from the need for developers to rapidly iterate on software features as they push them out to customers. Simultaneously, product management teams adopted lean development concepts, such as customer feedback loops and A/B testing to gain an inbound stream of information. This two-way flow of features going out and information coming in forms one end-to-end process for continuous feature experimentation which spans rapid iteration, safe rollouts through gradual exposure of features, and telemetry to measure the impact of these features on customer experience. The outcome is that modern product development teams need to start treating continuous delivery and experimentation (i.e. a more generic term for A/B testing) as two sides of the same coin.

Today’s reality however, is that most engineering and product teams run these processes in silos, making software delivery and speed to market a DevOps concern, while measurement of outcomes is viewed as a product management concern. Separate systems have evolved to support these processes, resulting in inefficient duplication of efforts and disjointed analysis. This fragmentation has limited experimentation to only front-end changes and measurement to only simpler user interactions, such as click-through rates. Critical innovation throughout the software stack is left untested, and the challenge remains to tie experiments to product metrics. The Split Feature Experimentation Platform unifies continuous delivery and full-stack experimentation, helping engineering and product teams accelerate the pace of product delivery and make data-driven decisions. With Split, organizations can now accelerate time to value, mitigate risk and drive better outcomes – all in a single unified platform.

“For too long, full-stack experimentation has been the province only of companies with deep pocketbooks and even deeper engineering teams,” said Dan Woods, principal analyst at CITO Research. “With Split, full-stack experimentation, and the continuous delivery and feature flagging it enables, is available to companies of all sizes. Companies can now expand their testing beyond the realm of front-end marketing, and run a full-range of experiments to optimize performance of their business processes and their user experience, and do so in a controlled way that ensures problems are addressed before they are made available to all users.”

Key components of the Split Feature Experimentation Platform include:

  • Open Source Software Development Kits (SDKs): Split is powered by custom SDKs, available for most of the popular languages in use. These SDKs install easily at the application layer, and act as the engine deciding what feature version to show customers.
  • Feature Flags: Split uses feature flags to control the rollout state of individual features, anywhere in the stack, and communicate with the SDK to turn the feature on or off, or to show multiple variations of the feature.
  • Management Console: The Split editor is hosted in the cloud, and is an easy-to-use yet powerful way to roll out a feature to a segment of users by targeting a list of individuals, a random percentage of traffic, or any set of attributes that makes sense for the business.
  • Intelligent Results Engine: A key component of the platform is the Split Intelligent Results Engine – a metrics-first engine that handles data ingestion from any data source, calculates metrics based on that data and correlates the data to features, automatically highlighting significant changes due to feature releases across the metrics that matter most.
  • Intelligent Security Framework: Split leverages industry-standard security practices and never requires user-identifiable data to be sent to Split servers.

“Today’s digital transformation – where software is core to every business more than ever before – requires enterprises to grow their software products and digital products quickly, seamlessly, and with little interruption to the customer,” said Adil Aijaz, Cofounder and CEO of Split. “Enterprises need access to real-time insights on how customers are interacting with their product. These insights need to relate back to the metrics that matter to company KPIs. The Split Feature Experimentation Platform enables any enterprise with the digital decision-making power of a technology leader. We can’t wait to see how our customers use it to drive real value and change within their business.”

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