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Jira Feature Flags

One of the biggest challenges that software development teams encounter when adopting feature flags is feature management, or how best to track new features across product managers, operations and engineering teams. Split offers two-way integration with Atlassian Jira Software, a project and issue tracking solution for software lifecycle management, giving visibility into feature releases across your organization.

Jira feature flagging

Split gives you everything you need for feature flags, feature management across software teams, experimentation and software release, but using Jira can enhance the feature release process even further, providing real-time feature status from ideation to code deployment. Jira Software is a powerful collaboration hub linking product managers with engineering teams and operations to plan and track new features or support fixes to your codebase.

Split integration with Atlassian Jira software

Jira Software integration combines Split feature release with Jira project tracking, allowing users to automatically import Split data into Jira, creating issues connected with each new feature and updating existing Jira issues with changes made to Split feature toggles and feature release activity directly into Jira Software. Teams gain visibility into new feature release or any changes made to product release plans.

To integrate Split with Jira, just create a new user for Split inside Jira, then add those login credentials to your Split deployment. Whenever a Jira issue is tagged with a Split identifier, that issue will begin to update with every new feature change in Split.

Jira and feature releases

Atlassian Jira integration with Split goes two ways. First, the new integration adds information to Jira, enhancing metadata related to every feature flag with feature release status. Development teams can concentrate on the work of adding new features to the codebase while project managers can see which user segments are targeted by each feature toggle just by looking at the relevant Jira issue.

Data from Jira issues also flows into Split, allowing engineering teams to see if there are any open bugs against a feature from the issue view without leaving Split. Developers can decide whether to continue code deployments to users or wait until outstanding problems are resolved.

Controlling technical debt

Technical debt can pile up quickly when a continuous delivery software development team uses feature flags for all new feature releases. Jira provides a simple feature management system, automatically opening up issues for new feature flags that should be removed from the code. When each new feature is added to the codebase, you can assign cleanup tickets to engineering teams or to a product manager along with a target sunset date. For more info on feature flag maintenance see this video.


Split integration with Atlassian Jira brings powerful new feature management tools to the Split feature flags and experimentation platform. By associating new features with Jira issues, you can:

  • Update Jira issues for all Split feature flag changes
  • Bring feature release information into Jira Software
  • Bring information from Jira issues into Split
  • Gain control over technical debt

To get started with Jira Software integration for Split feature flags, contact our sales team or visit our listing on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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