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Integrate Split with Jira Software

Jira Software offers flexible issue and project tracking with best-in-class agile tooling for software teams. By combining Split’s roll-out capabilities with Jira tracking software, you can keep your team notified and up-to-date as new Splits are enabled, which roll-outs are modified and by which of your teammates.

What can I do with the Split Jira Software Integration?

Here are some of the things you can with Jira Software and Split.

  • Update Jira issues for Split changes. Publish Split changes and important roll-out activity in a Jira issue comment stream. With the Split integration, teammates can see when new features go live or rollout plans are changed.

Integrate Split with Jira Software Today

Creating a connection between Jira and Split is easy: create a new Jira user for Split and paste that new user’s login credential into Split. Once a Jira issue is tagged with a Split identifier, Split changes will begin updating for that issue.

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