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Lenore Adam

Measuring server-side changes, and why ‘hope is not a strategy’

It’s easy to think of the user interface as the primary target for new functionality, with product teams eagerly watching important business metrics such as conversion rates and user engagement for improvements after each release. But behind the scenes, engineers… Read more

Split now a supported Segment Destination partner

Starting today, Split is an initial partner for Segment’s new Developer Center, making it even easier to send user events and customer identities tracked in Segment to Split for analysis in a feature-driven context.

Forrester: AD&D Pros Need to Stop Guessing and Start Experimenting

Learn how experimentation platforms help development teams test ideas directly with customers and enable continuous delivery with lower risk.

QuanticMind uses feature flags to safely implement Continuous Delivery

We are pleased to announce QuanticMind has selected Split’s feature flag and experimentation platform to streamline software development. Engineers now put all new code behind feature flags, making every feature an experiment, and have significantly improved feature branch strategy to ensure production stability.

New Customer Story: Vida Health Realizes 4x Increase in Release Velocity

Learn how Vida Health is using Split’s feature flag and experimentation platform to build and deliver innovation faster with less risk in their mobile application.

Top 10 Challenges When Building a Feature Flagging Solution

Kicking off an internally developed feature flagging system is standard practice for many companies today as feature flags help engineering teams release faster at lower risk. As use cases for feature flags grow, so do the challenges of building an in-house system. This article will explore 10 challenges of building an in-house feature flagging solution.

New Customer Story: Envoy

We are pleased to announce that Envoy has selected Split for advanced experimentation and feature flagging capabilities to measure feature impact against business metrics.

Shift Right with Feature Flags: Best Practices for Testing in Production

The shift-left testing emphasizes test execution early and often, providing rapid feedback to development teams for each new code commit. Shift-right extends application testing into the production environment. Learn about the benefits and recommended best practices of using feature flags to support Testing in Production.