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Forrester: AD&D Pros Need to Stop Guessing and Start Experimenting

According to Forrester, “Most application development and delivery (AD&D) teams are stuck guessing about what their users need, relying on internal experts to guide their decisions. This approach to development is no longer sufficient to keep up with changing user preferences or increasingly complex production environments.”

If that sounds at all familiar, the detailed analysis and insight provided by Forrester in a new report may be ideal for you and your development and delivery teams.

Forrester’s report discusses the critical role being played by experimentation platforms in the development process. In particular, it examines “…how experimentation platforms can shorten time to value by enabling dev teams to test ideas directly with customers, experiment with functional parameters, and release service components in a safe, controlled manner.”

The report goes on to offer a range of useful key takeaways, with a detailed analysis of the importance of experimentation and its impact on innovation.

Also included in Forrester’s report are views and insights from development teams in the field, including one of our own amazing customers. Their experiences reflect those of many innovative developers and product managers who use Split to test, target. and securely release and monitor new features to customers. By using Split for experimentation-driven continuous delivery, development and product teams can rapidly convert ideas to features, continuously and securely deliver code, and measure the outcome of every feature release.

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