Split now a supported Segment Destination partner

Split is excited to be an initial partner for Segment’s new Developer Center, making it even easier to send user events and customer identities tracked in Segment to Split for analysis in a feature-driven context.  Robust delivery of the rich data collected by Segment helps Split customers iterate, innovate, and speed time to value.

“We’re thrilled that Split has custom-built an integration between their product decisions platform and Segment. By using our new Developer Center, Split has created an easy way to get the data collected by Segment into their product. Getting reliable data into Split unlocks experimentation and analysis possibilities, while also helping customers make user-centric decisions and improve business outcomes.”

Calvin French-Owen, Segment co-founder and CTO.

Destination Split

Segment is a single platform that collects and stores user data from every customer touch point, then routes consolidated customer data to hundreds of analytics, marketing, or data warehousing tools.

With Split setup as a Segment Destination, user events tracked in Segment are sent to Split where our statistics engine analyzes the specific impact of each change on engineering, product, and business metrics.  Define metrics within Split, then pull in Segment events to measure the impact of new features on customer experience by comparing users served a feature and those that were not.

“Sending Segment event data to Split such as “added item to cart” will help us to innovate faster than ever before. We already send a rich set of custom events to Segment for understanding user behavior. Having Split tie those measurements to feature flags and experiments gives us a powerfully integrated system for finding out exactly what new features make our customers the happiest.”

Patti Chan, Director of Product, Imperfect Produce.

Bottom-line, this means Split customers can more efficiently set-up their Segment integration:

  • One-click integration removes any error-prone manual data entry associated with configuring Split as a Segment destination.
  • Validating and debugging Segment event delivery to Split is streamlined.  Users can leverage Segment’s Event Tester and Event Delivery tools to ensure data is flowing to Split properly.

Just sign into Segment, select Split under the A/B Testing category, and click ‘configure Split.’ Then select the data source and enter the key provided by Split.  Or simply go to Split’s integration settings and click ‘enable with Segment.’

Configure Split as a destination in Segment to capture data directly within Split’s platform:

Every feature is an experiment

Segment has become the defacto standard for capturing user data across multiple tools and touchpoints.  At Split, we think every feature should be an experiment, and getting access to the breadth of user data that Segment provides our customers with another layer of insight to assess and validate the business impact of new features.

“Split helps us innovate faster as a business by allowing us to better understand and then maximize the impact of new features through experimentation. Because we can now send data directly from Segment into Split, we save valuable engineering time, which is especially helpful as a growing team.”

David Horen, Backlotcars.com Product Manager

Visualize the metrics impact of each feature:

For information on how to integrate Split and Segment, see the Segment and Split docs.