Accelerate Innovation, Maximize Impact

Innovation is an iterative process that requires speed, control, and data to deliver impactful features without disrupting the customer experience. 

Enterprises on Split employ the Feature Delivery Lifecycle to accelerate innovation, leveraging feature flags and experimentation for faster development, safer releases, and maximum business impact.

Optimize development speed and release safety

Split feature flags give you the speed and safety you need to move fast without breaking things. Efficiently plan new features and experiments, rapidly develop and deploy them to production, and safely release and target them to select audiences.

Integrate feature flags with existing issue tracking and project management tools when planning new features and experiments.

Develop & Deploy
Gate new features behind feature flags to develop and deploy to production without disrupting the user experience.

Target & Release
Minimize the blast radius of potential bugs by gradually releasing new features to target audiences and disabling faulty features with the killswitch.

Measure and maximize business impact

Split experimentation transforms your feature flags and data into actionable insights. Test and measure the impact of features on key performance and business metrics, and make data-driven decisions on what to iterate, release, or retire, and where to innovate next.

Ingest customer and performance data from any source and join with feature flag data to calculate key metrics. Export feature flag data to a preferred analytics tool or data warehouse for deeper analysis.

Experiment & Monitor
Test new features against a control and/or variations on real users while actively monitoring for performance degradation.

Learn & Decide
Review metrics results to determine which feature drove the most positive impact and decide whether to continue the lifecycle with a new iteration or end the lifecycle by rolling out or retiring the feature for 100% of users.

Ensure security and compliance at every step

Safely scale your users, feature flags, experiments, and change requests on Split all while ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Manage + Govern
Require peer review and approval before code changes in production take effect. Maintain separation across teams in your organization with environments, permissions, and SSO.

The Future of Feature Delivery

Hear from Split CEO, Brian Bell, on how enterprises can deliver impactful products faster and safer by employing the Feature Delivery Lifecycle.

The Feature Delivery Lifecycle Meets Enterprises Where They Are in Modernizing Software Development

Employ part or all of the Feature Delivery Lifecycle to achieve your goals, at any scale. Get started on Split today with a free account or schedule a demo with us to learn more.