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Introducing Datadog RUM and Split


No, these are not the ingredients of a new summer cocktail. But rather a new integration from Datadog that brings together Split’s Intelligent Feature Management platform with Datadog’s RUM (Real User Monitoring) data. Engineering and product development teams can release more frequently and innovate faster without breaking things. 

With this new integration, product teams now have visibility of feature flag information overlaid on RUM data, so you can proactively monitor the real-time activity and experience of individual users and, if necessary, quickly roll back or shut off features that may be causing degradations. 

Feature Flags Page in Datadog RUM

Why does this matter?

Feature Flag Drill-down Issues (Errors)

With this new RUM integration, you can:

  • View a list of feature flags that are active in your application
  • Drill into each flag and see how many users saw a specific treatment (on/off) and optionally break them down by dimensions such as country, browser type, etc.
  • See a count of errors broken down by treatment
  • Obtain UX performance metrics broken down by treatment

Looking to get started? 

It’s pretty simple: Make sure your Datadog RUM Browser SDK is updated to version 4.25.0 and higher. On the Split side, initialize Split’s SDK and create an impression listener, reporting feature flag evaluations to Datadog using the following snippet of code.

This new Datadog integration with Split, supported by Datadog and available in Datadog’s integration directory, overlays feature context and RUM data. Check out Datadog’s documentation to learn more. 

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