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Flagship 2022: Blast Radius – Using Split to Minimize Risk in Production Deployments

Learn how Geoff and his team at Ancestry used Split to escape a “vicious cycle” of low velocity rollouts, high cost of failures, and late night deployments – and replaced it with a new “virtuous cycle”.

Can speed create resiliency? Senior Development Manager Geoff Rayback thinks so! The impact on developer experience and team velocity is striking to hear. But, what drove this culture change? Watch this session to find out!

Jeff Rayback, a Senior Software Development Manager, discusses the challenges his front-end team faces in maintaining a crucial page. This page receives heavy traffic and requires careful deployment to ensure it remains functional without defects or performance issues. Jeff outlines the team’s initial risk-averse approach to deployment, which led to slow and complicated processes, causing delays and larger deployments.

To address these challenges, Jeff introduces a strategy of using feature flags, particularly focusing on Split’s tool for A/B testing. By implementing feature flags, the team can roll out changes gradually, reducing risk and allowing for quick iteration. Jeff emphasizes the benefits of using percentages to control feature flag activation, enabling smoother deployments and minimizing the impact on backend services.

Jeff shares the team’s experience of transitioning from infrequent deployments to up to 64 deployments in a single day, highlighting the cultural shift toward embracing risk-taking within the team. Despite making more mistakes, the team’s ability to minimize the impact of errors through feature flags has led to increased confidence in deployment processes.

Initially met with resistance, the adoption of feature flags has become integral to the team’s workflow, with members actively promoting its benefits to other teams within the organization. Jeff concludes by inviting further discussion and questions on the topic.

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The Split Feature Data Platform™ gives you the confidence to move fast without breaking things. Set up feature flags and safely deploy to production, controlling who sees which features and when. Connect every flag to contextual data, so you can know if your features are making things better or worse and act without hesitation. Effortlessly conduct feature experiments like A/B tests without slowing down. Whether you’re looking to increase your releases, to decrease your MTTR, or to ignite your dev team without burning them out–Split is both a feature management platform and partnership to revolutionize the way the work gets done. Schedule a demo or explore our feature flag solution at your own pace to learn more.

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