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We all know a good digital experience from a bad one. Great digital experiences make our lives easier, and negative experiences drive us, and our business, elsewhere. What many users don’t realize is how difficult it is for product and engineering teams to know that the features they’re building will both drive positive user experiences AND their overall business objectives.

In the quest to create happy customers and business outcomes, Split allows you to target the ideal test audiences, control the blast radius of a negative impact, and gather the data you need to evaluate your feature. In Split, this data feeds into metrics that tell you with statistical significance whether a feature had positive, neutral, or negative impact on your app performance and business KPIs. These quantitative results are powerful indicators of feature success. But it’s not always clear what to do when you aren’t seeing the results you anticipated. In some cases, customers are engaging but not converting. Are they getting stuck somewhere? Are they frustrated? Answering these questions requires looking beyond CTR and conversion rates.

Combine Customer Empathy and Statistical Rigor with Split’s FullStory Integration

That’s where our community integration with FullStory comes in. FullStory is a leading digital experience analytics platform that allows you to visualize the customer journey from the user’s seat with recorded sessions and heatmaps. Through this integration, Split sends feature data to FullStory as custom events that mark each user session with the feature flag treatment the user was exposed to. Sessions can then be segmented by feature flag treatment, unlocking FullStory’s core capability of determining why your customers aren’t exhibiting your desired behaviors, such as checking out, or signing up.

FullStory surfaces frustration signals such as rage clicks, dead clicks, and thrashed cursor to help you detect friction points early on in an experiment and trace them back to the exact feature at fault. In FullStory you can watch a real user session to understand exactly where users are getting stuck and how you can improve. FullStory also allows you to build funnels based on any event, such as seeing a specific feature flag treatment, to analyze user progression throughout the conversion process, and investigate why users are dropping out.

Get the FullStory on Your Features

Setting up the integration is easily done with a short snippet of code. Impressions (records of when a user receives a feature flag treatment) are mapped to user sessions by a unique identifier such as user ID. When a match occurs, the impression will appear in FullStory as a custom event that you can filter and save as a segment so you have all your sessions related to a specific feature flag treatment in one view.

With Split and FullStory, product and engineering teams can leverage both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the impact of their features on customer satisfaction and business goals. This ensures product decisions are backed by statistically significant results and a healthy dose of customer empathy. Check out our documentation or schedule a demo to learn more about how you can start building happy customer experiences.

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