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A Holiday Message From Our CEO


The end of the year is near, so we wanted to share a short message from our CEO, Brian Bell. Enjoy!

As we wrap up 2023, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible year we’ve had at Split. We achieved some remarkable milestones. In just one year, for example, our cumulative monthly feature flag impression volume more than doubled, from 6 trillion to 13 trillion! However, the adoption of our platform isn’t what delights us most. It’s the stories customers share about how they’re transforming the way they build, release, and optimize software to bring value to their business. 

One of our customers in the digital real estate space is currently using Split to beta test a genAI-powered chatbot for their website. A global enterprise bank replaced their home grown feature flagging solution with Split to safely scale their release processes across a team of more than 1,000 developers. Another customer who makes collaboration software runs over 100 experiments per quarter with Split, resulting in a staggering 20% uplift in converting users to paid subscriptions. Wins like this demonstrate the power of feature management in driving meaningful outcomes.

I want to express my gratitude for the feedback we receive from all of our customers about their experience with Split. We take pride in having earned the “Users Most Likely to Recommend” badge from G2 and for being named “Best Estimated ROI” in the Feature Management category for the last 3 quarters. Their support and feedback is immensely important to us as it guides our strategic direction and the investments we make.

2023 Achievements

We made significant investments to ensure we are leading the way in delivering the best developer experience in our industry. Some of our proud achievements include:

Our product investments also delivered capabilities that harness the power of AI, transforming the way you experience Split. This year we introduced Switch, our convenient in-product AI developer assistant that provides dynamic responses to developers working within the platform. Switch is just the beginning of a range of powerful AI capabilities coming down the pike.

Looking Ahead to 2024

We are filled with anticipation. The AI revolution is here, and we already know that a majority of enterprises plan to release their own AI capabilities. According to a recent market survey, 72% of companies are working on AI projects today. The x-factors for doing AI right include tools that help measure, iterate, and quickly release without risk. These are important capabilities that are intrinsic to a feature management and experimentation platform like Split, and we’re not the only ones who agree. A staggering 73% of companies think that feature management and experimentation are more critical for AI-releases in particular.

Because of experimentation’s criticality and our category leadership, Microsoft has chosen Split to build a native experimentation solution directly inside their Azure App Config Platform. This milestone partnership is yet another testament to how we are serving developers’ evolving needs as they race to release AI features. We’re looking forward to making this available in 2024.

Happy holidays, and here’s to an incredible 2024 filled with growth, success, and bold new feature innovations!

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