New Split UI – Made by Developers, for Developers 

We love getting feedback from you, our users. However, a common theme has emerged in recent times: We love using Split for testing and releases, but the user interface takes some time to adopt

That’s why we’ve taken major steps to make our product easier to use.

Introducing the New Split UI! 

Starting today, you’ll experience a new look and feel across the product. Each optimization has been made to ensure that your first and repeated experience feels more intuitive and familiar. This will be the first of several major updates to the UI, and we’ll continue to iterate to make our capabilities easier to use. 

What’s New? 

Visual Refresh

We’ve given the entire Split application a visual refresh. You’ll see a modern, forward-looking aesthetic with refined colors tuned for accessibility, visual cues and more. New screenshots are reflected within the documentation. 

Terminology Change

To reduce the confusion between “Split,” our product, and “split”, the feature flag, we are changing the term “split” to “feature flag” across our application and documentation. After all, “feature flag” is the term most developers use. 

Simplified Feature Flag Configuration

We’ve reimagined the way you configure your flags. With new visual cues and updated terminology, you’ll be able to quickly and confidently set-up your feature flags for any use case (percentage-based rollout, on/off, experimentation, etc). 

Updates on the page include: 

  • Terminology updates: To help reduce confusion while configuring flags, we are changing the term “traffic allocation” to “limit exposure” and using visual cues to replace the terms “default rule” and “default treatment”. 
  • Grouping sections together: To better align with how you think and process information, we’re grouping certain sections together. Dynamic Configurations will now be a part of the Treatment section. The Targeting section will include individual targets, limit exposure (previously traffic allocation), and attribute-based targeting rules. 

More to Come! 

We are on a mission to make your life easier. That’s why we’ll continue to make our core features, flows, and capabilities more intuitive and user-friendly. We’ll announce each release before it goes live, so stay tuned. 

Need more information? Check out these resources to get started: