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Faster Feedback and Safe Rollouts: Sequential Testing Success Stories @ Vivino

Joachim Lippert Svensson, Senior Product Manager at Vivino, will share his team’s successes with Sequential Testing and Split.

With traditional product experimentation, teams had to wait two weeks or more before “peeking” at the results, because the numbers could not be trusted until then. Split’s new sequential testing approach does away with the “no peeking” requirement, so you can move faster. 

Join customer speaker, Joachim Lippert Svensson, Senior Product Manager at Vivino as he shares his team’s success using Split and the impact Sequential Testing has on their ability to release more safely. Gain valuable insights, tips, and tricks to accelerate your feedback loop and streamline decision-making processes.

Charles Wu, Sr. Data Scientist and Iñaki Berra, Measurement & Learning PM at Split will also explain how Sequential Testing enables safe releases. With this feature you have shorter monitored release cycles, faster release decisions, and quicker iteration of experiments.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to:

  • Discover how sequential testing can unlock your team’s capabilities and drive innovation
  • Learn how to optimize your experimentation process for maximum efficiency
  • Hear real success stories from Vivino and gain inspiration for your own projects

Join us in this session as we discuss the finer points of sequential testing.

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