Bynder Relieves Stress & Gives Their Engineers Confidence by Decoupling Deploy from Release

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Bynder’s digital asset management (DAM) platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touch-points, and relationships in order to thrive. Split’s feature management platform allowed Bynder to decouple deploy from release which gave engineers confidence and control with deployments.


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Bynder’s Engineers Needed More Control of Their Rollouts

Prior to onboarding with Split, new feature releases were owned by Customer Success Managers (CSM) at Bynder, leaving engineers with limited control when it came to feature rollouts. They needed a feature management solution that would greatly reduce the amount of hot fixes that came with rolling out new features.

Split’s LMS Helped With Early Adoption & Education of the Platform

To get teams trained and up to speed quickly, Split offered a self-paced Learning Management System (LMS) named the Split Arcade. The Split Arcade  helped spread awareness around how to use the platform,  providing actionable knowledge on integrating feature flags into their feature releases.

“I only had to drop one message in a channel and then all these people started to use it.”Roald Bankras, Director of Engineering at Bynder

With Split, Bynder Gained Confidence & Control of Their Rollouts

Now engineers roll out new features to 5% of their users and monitor memory & CPU usage, response time and error count. If all of these metrics are within normal limits, the engineers then continue to roll out that new feature until 100% of customers have access to that feature. Split gives them the assurance that any new feature releases will not cause issues for users or their platform.

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“We are moving into a microservices architecture. Split allows us to do much more incremental releases on a smaller scale and give developers more control of whatever gets deployed.” – Roald Bankras, Director of Engineering at Bynder

What is Split?

Split is the feature delivery platform that pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every feature. With Split, organizations have a secure way to release features, target them to customers, and measure the impact of features on their customer experience metrics.