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WePay Chooses Split to Significantly Enhance Customer Experience with Improved Software Delivery

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Split, the intelligent software delivery platform that gives companies control over their users’ experience, today announced that WePay, the provider of integrated payments for online platforms, has selected Split to accurately target, safely deliver new features, and scale services to its customers.

According to a recent report from Accenture, customers switching providers due to poor user experiences costs U.S. businesses an estimated $1.6 trillion annually. As the company powering payment experiences across applications and services, WePay is the nucleus of a complex ecosystem of payment processing, from the credit card processor to the individual consumer, touching every application and merchant in between. Making any change to WePay’s infrastructure has a cascading impact that can immediately improve or, if things go wrong, degrade customer experience.

With the use of Split, WePay can now ship new, discrete features at a rapid pace, testing them first internally in a safe and secure environment, then with select customer groups, before eventually rolling out these new features to all of their customers. Split’s multi-language SDKs (including Java, JavaScript, .Net, Node.JS, PHP, Python, Ruby and TypeScript) and user-targeting capabilities allow the team to deploy features in the “off” state, shielding users from changes or problems until the new code has been thoroughly tested.

“At WePay we are constantly evolving our software to better meet the needs of our customers, whether that’s broadening the feature set for our platform partners or enhancing the scalability of our payment processing backends,” said Chris Conrad, vice president of engineering at WePay. “As part of scaling, WePay began to transition from a monolithic codebase to a set of microservices. Our new services will come in completely different languages and take completely different approaches, yet the customer should never see a service interruption during the transition. To ensure the highest level of customer experience we decided to take a safe launch approach, using Split as our platform for feature flags.”

WePay has also achieved the following benefits from using Split:

  • Native multi-language support enabling the WePay team control over both their current architecture as well as new microservices in one interface, guaranteeing users a seamless experience, even as they move across underlying languages;
  • Enhanced end customer experience with targeted rollouts and strengthened quality assurance;
  • Increased availability of engineering resources to focus on other mission-critical projects.

When software is the core of your business, the performance and rollout of new features, products, and releases can severely affect customer experience from a multitude of standpoints,” said Adil Aijaz, cofounder and CEO at Split. “Our engineering capabilities allow the WePay team to focus on other aspects of their business with the peace of mind that they’re delivering their customers payment services that meet their needs today and tomorrow.

For more information, download the WePay case study here:

About Split

Split is the leading Feature Delivery Platform for engineering teams that want to confidently release features as fast as they can develop them. Split’s fine-grained management, real-time monitoring, and data-driven experimentation ensure that new features will improve customer experience without breaking or degrading performance. Split ingests performance data and runs real-time statistical analyses on every new feature so that engineering teams can respond immediately to bad releases, measure changes in user experience, and build high-quality software. Engineering teams at Twilio, Salesforce, and WePay trust Split to power their feature delivery. Get started for free at

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