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Split Software Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Redwood City, CA, USA – Split Software, a leading Feature Management and Experimentation provider, today announced the availability of its Feature Data Platform in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers can now access Split’s Feature Data Platform, which supports Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), the preferred object store used by millions of customers, making it easier to bring feature flag data and customer data together.

Split helps product development teams reduce development time, mitigate release risk, and focus on the features that solve technical and business problems. Once configured on AWS, Split’s Feature Data Platform can both send and receive millions of events per minute from Amazon S3. This enriches customer data for deeper analysis within Split or other analytics tools. With backup copies stored in Amazon S3, data is never lost in transit and can be easily reconciled, so enterprises can transfer high volume data safely and reliably. Ultimately Split allows users to calculate key metrics, increase the reliability of each release, and power out-of-the-box experiments.

 “Split is thrilled to now offer our solution in AWS Marketplace, so customers can utilize our robust tools for modern application development and deliver features that matter for their business,” says Trevor Stuart, Split’s co-founder and President. “Our Feature Data Platform and support of Amazon S3 allows enterprises to create out-of-the box experimentation and bring all their data and feature flags together, to see the impact of feature flag treatments against key business metrics. And now customers can more easily access our solution while applying the purchase to their spend commitment.”   

“Split’s Amazon S3 integration has allowed us to bring feature context to downstream tools our team uses,” says Bryan Henson, Product Designer at BorrowWorks. “We’re now able to provide all teams with feature context to achieve critical and timely insights.”

“Accelerating the pace of innovation on Amazon S3 and in AWS Marketplace is one of our key focus areas for customers,” said Mona Chadha, Director of Category Management at Amazon Web Services. “Split’s solution is part of our growing AWS Marketplace DevOps category as feature management and experimentation are critical to our customers who are modernizing their cloud-native software delivery.”

About Split

Split is the leading Feature Delivery Platform for engineering teams that want to confidently release features as fast as they can develop them. Split’s fine-grained management, real-time monitoring, and data-driven experimentation ensure that new features will improve customer experience without breaking or degrading performance. Split ingests performance data and runs real-time statistical analyses on every new feature so that engineering teams can respond immediately to bad releases, measure changes in user experience, and build high-quality software. Engineering teams at Twilio, Salesforce, and WePay trust Split to power their feature delivery. Get started for free at

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