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Sebastian Arrubia

Sebastian is an active member of the Split's Sr. Staff Engineers focused mostly on backend solutions helping teams to achieve their maximum potential. With more than 10 years in the software industry he has been worked with different companies across the world located in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and USA solving problems and processes applying the most adequate technical stack to tackle them while minimizing costs. His skills go far beyond writing code, including software design and architecture.

How Feature Flags Can Improve Your Logging

Learn how feature flags can help you improve your logging strategy.

Safely Moving Away from Monoliths: Chapter 2

Although incrementally migrating from a monolith to a services architecture isn’t easy, Split feature flags can make the transition safer for all involved.

Safely Moving Away from Monoliths: Chapter 1

Moving from a monolith to a services architecture is a complex, demanding task. It is a journey that requires continuous investment to bear fruits.

Split for Go

We’re happy to announce that Split customers can now use us with Go projects! Split lets you see the impact of any feature release on all your key product usage and customer experience metrics. Now, if you have a project where one component is Java, for example, and another component is written in Go (a.k.a. Golang), you can now use Split across the entire project.

Keep Your Feature Flags Synchronized with the Split Synchronizer

Elevate your feature toggle approach with the Split Synchronizer’s advanced syncing tools. Boost app performance and ensure top-tier A/B testing consistency.

Shh! How to Safeguard Your Company’s Most Important Secrets

In this article, we’ll walk through best practices for handling sensitive information in your application across different environments, as well as shed some light on how we accomplish this ourselves.

Creating a Successful SDK

SDK is a complement to an API that abstracts the complex business logic and makes development work easier. Learn how to create a successful SDK.