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Joshua Klein

Josh is a Senior Integration Advisor at Split Software, bringing his 15 years of Software industry experience to help customers implement and scale software for controlled deployments and experimentation. Prior to Split, Josh held Principal Integration Engineer and Solutions Architect roles at WorkForce Software. When not being immersed in discussions of SDKs, APIs, DevOps, Agile , and Continuous Delivery he builds his own speakers and loves a good afternoon of used record shopping. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State. He is based in Detroit.

Web Performance With Split and New Relic

Tutorial on how to combine New Relic with Split’s IFID capabilities to build a winning team for monitoring feature-level performance.

Split, SciKit and Tensorflow, oh My!

Code tutorial on building an AI/ML driven basic recommendation system using feature flags from Split plus SciKit and Tensorflow.

Don’t Fear the Percentage-Based Rollout

Split allows you to set up guardrail metrics to ensure that you don’t break things during progressive delivery.

Split and Stable Diffusion:  Feature Flags With Generative AI

Stable diffusion is a type of deep learning AI model that generates images from textural descriptions. It belongs to a category of models called ‘diffusion models’. These models start with random noise that they repeatedly refine into an image that… Read more

A/B Testing on the Front-End

A/B testing is a fantastic capability to have; it’s the most basic experimentation method and is core to the practice. It answers the simple question: “Which increases my success metrics more, A or B?” A/B testing on the web is… Read more

Testing AI Models Using Split

Split’s measurement & learning capabilities can help you evaluate and iterate AI quickly and safely.

The Importance of Architectural Approaches

Let’s define what software architecture is, and look at what makes a solid one for an agile digital team.

4 Considerations When Integrating Systems Using APIs

Integration of data between systems when using APIs is one of the most important components of any cohesive stack of applications. Let’s take a look.