Split Joins the Product Cloud Alliance as a Founding Member

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Pendo and five additional vendors forming the Product Cloud Alliance, committed to serving the needs of today’s evolving product organizations.

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At Split, we look to our customers to help us both validate our product roadmap and company direction. When onsite with customers and prospects I am consistently humbled by how they have adopted and integrated Split into the tools they use to power their product decisions. When the product cloud alliance was in its infancy, I vividly recall an onsite with a customer earlier this year that cemented this group’s formation for our team here at Split. The customer was telling us about how they have been using Split internally for both feature releases and experimentation. During that session, the customer displayed their browser for the room to view. Split was bookmarked alongside several of the vendors in today’s Product Cloud Alliance. The conversation quickly blossomed into a whiteboarding session outlining how Split could integrate with each of these vendors, how data could be transferred, and how this would allow them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Feature experimentation is a critical component of the Product Cloud

As is natural with any emerging category, integrations are paramount. Each of the vendors in today’s Product Cloud Alliance are bound by a shared layer of data. This data layer marries the quantitative and qualitative data points across the customer experience, providing a shared understanding of the customer experience and powering product team’s decisions. At Split, integrations are at our foundation and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you here in the coming months.

As you’ve read, today’s Product Alliance Group offers a suite of tools supporting product organizations. The product organization, corralled by product management, is quickly becoming one of the most influential in modern technology. Todays product organization is tasked with outlining the strategy for the product, understanding the quantitative and qualitative impact of product decisions, and most importantly protecting the business from poor product decisions. The Product Cloud Alliance is the natural outcome of this increasing role within today’s businesses.

At Split, we’re just a piece of today’s emerging Product Cloud, focused on powering feature flags and feature experimentation. Today’s product teams recognize that iterative learning continues once changes to a product are ready to ship. Split allows product teams to selectively roll out features, through feature flags, and measure outcomes across different user segments through experimentation. For those newer, to these concepts, refer to our free eBooks published by O’Reilly:

We recognize this is just the beginning. The beginning of an emerging ecosystem serving use cases for product teams that didn’t exist years ago. We’re committed to helping product teams drive and improve the product experience. As we look forward to 2018 and beyond, we expect to see elements of the Product Cloud Alliance in the tools used across your company. Logging into your support tools, your sales tools, or your business analytics tools should all highlight elements of your customer experience – What features are they seeing? How are they using your product? Are they a promoter or a detractor? – and in particular the measurable outcome your product and engineering teams are driving for your organization.