Feature Experimentation

Measure Feature Impact Against Product Metrics

Make Smarter Product Decisions

Split helps product teams make smarter decisions by enabling
them to turn every feature roll-out into an experiment.

A/B/n Testing

Granular test plans and automatic randomization and bucketing of visitors for experimentation.

Data Ingestion and Metrics Calculation

Bring in any event stream; Robust set of metric types, including sum, count and average.

Automatic Feature and Event Attribution

Split intelligently attributes changes in metrics to specific features.

Statistics Engine

Industry standard analysis of feature impact on metrics.

Feature-specific Results Dashboards

Quickly see all the metrics that experienced a statistically significant change for a feature experiment.

Automatic Significance Determination

Split automatically determines the statistical significance of changes in your metrics.

Benefits to your team

  • Experiment on every code change and see the impact on product KPIs.
  • Make decisions based on same statistical analysis, organization-wide.
  • Manage metrics globally, across any project in any language.
  • Choose which metrics to measure for an experiment at any time.
  • No additional developer work required.

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