The Product Cloud Alliance

Learn how a new integrated tool chain is reshaping digital product management.

Split is excited to join six leading organizations that have collaborated to offer a suite of tools supporting digital production. Founding members include Split, Pendo, InVision, UserVoice, FullStory, and ProductPlan. Now, each member provides complementary tools that make product management more effective and efficient.

Read about the product cloud architecture in a downloadable 47-page educational eBook. Each chapter is by a product leader from each alliance partner.

These authors discuss:

  • ProductPlan – Building product roadmaps that align with cross-functional stakeholders.
  • InVision – The nuances of designing and prototyping product designs that enable quick feedback on new products, features and experiences.
  • Split – Utilizing feature flags and experimentation to allow product teams to selectively rollout features and measure outcomes across different user segments.
  • Pendo – Allowing in-product customer feedback to educate and accelerate the adoption of new features and products.
  • FullStory – Enabling session replay tools to drill into individual sessions revealing insights into the customer journey, and identify specific usability issues.
  • UserVoice – Collecting qualitative feedback from customers is necessary for understanding user behavior and sentiment to understand their satisfaction with a product.

Download the full eBook to learn more.

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