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Split Announces DECISIONS/Replay

Company By: Kimbre Lancaster

In October of 2018, Split hosted its first-ever conference, DECISIONS. 15 speakers, 330+ attendees, and five sponsors, all gathered in San Francisco to focus on one the key theme: “What matters is not the speed of delivering releases, but the speed of delivering value.” – Adil Aijaz, CEO, Split Software Whether they were from legacy… 1 min read

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Feature Experimentation: Choosing the Best Route

Features By: David Martin

David Martin, Senior Solution Engineer at Split, gives a demonstration of Split’s feature experimentation capabilities with a real-world example. Imagine you’re a trip planner who takes customers through Tour Mont Blanc, and you want to optimize your customer’s experiences. Where do you start? By observing your customer’s reactions to the changes you’re testing to see which one fares better in the end. 4 min read

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Split uses feature flags in order to target customers and measure customer experiences. Feature flags are useful in software development because they allow features to be turned on and off, even in live production environments. By reading this blog, you will learn about feature management, continuous delivery, feature experimentation, and more.