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Online Loan Marketplace Gains Release Control With Feature Flags

Financial Services Engineering Manager Case Study

When you’re an online loan marketplace, managing feature releases with a homegrown system can quickly become overwhelming. 

In this case study, a financial services software development team had a homemade feature flagging system primarily used for frontend tools, and it only allowed them to make basic updates to their platform. Eventually, their lack of feature management capabilities was decreasing overall customer satisfaction on the platform. 

They needed a more robust solution, so they partnered with Split. After adopting Split’s Feature Data Platform™, the FinServ company gained more control over their feature releases. Not to mention they were able to cut back on resource costs in the process. 

Learn how Split can help reduce development time and mitigate release risk while freeing teams to solve customer and business problems. Download the free case study for financial services software development here.

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