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Meet the New Split


Hello Change

Change is a beautiful thing. It’s what moves us forward. It’s how we evolve as humans, from starting fires with sticks to putting out fires with feature toggles. And thanks to feature management technology, change is no longer a risky endeavor. In fact, software developers can safely make changes in a matter of minutes (and with little effort).

But today marks a very special change at Split! We are excited to announce bold updates to our brand and product. In the spirit of greeting change with open arms, let’s take this moment to switch on our transformation.

New Brand, Same Promise

If you’ve visited our website today or recently logged into our application, you may have noticed that we overhauled a few things. This includes a new look and feel, refreshed messaging, and UI updates to the product. We hope it agrees with you!

This wasn’t a cosmetic change. Everything was designed to better suit the needs of our customers, specifically the product development teams who interact with Split day in and day out. With that being said, some things never change. Like our backbone, or our DNA. These things are inherited. We took this opportunity to reinforce who we are.

From the beginning, we’ve always been a brand “Made By Developers for Developers.” That will never go away. Starting today, we’re putting that promise front and center, extending it across more interactions you’ll have with us. Whether you’re logging in to set up a feature flag, or watching us onstage at an engineering summit, the Split experience has been enhanced to support your journey toward an agile software development process.

See it, feel it, and switch on the future of feature management.

A Foundation We Can Build Upon (and Continuously Improve)

As we took the time to refresh our brand, we looked back at where we came from, talked with our users for feedback, and fortified our position with a flag in the ground.

Throughout the process, we realized that Split resolves a common tension experienced by developers: We want to do things creatively and fast, but that goes against the risk of making a mistake. With Split, the development world is free to Switch It On. By reimagining every aspect of the software development process, we’re igniting teams without burning them out, empowering them to move fast without breaking things, and propelling them toward meaningful progress.

How Does Split Transform the Development Process?

Split’s the only feature management and experimentation platform that automatically attributes data-driven insight to every feature that’s released. By combining feature flags with measurement & learning, Split removes hesitation from the software development process. You can know whether or not a feature is making things better or worse, and that’s a game changer—especially when it comes to eliminating unnecessary risk and instilling the confidence to release features that matter, fast.

What’s another thing Split has that most platforms don’t? People who stick with you every step of the way. From implementation, to best practices education, and beyond—we’re here to illuminate your path toward continuous improvement.

Product Updates With the Developer In Mind

New UI

What do these exciting new changes mean from a product standpoint? We just rolled out updates across the application.

Each optimization has been designed with the developer in mind. We thought about how you think, how you feel, and how you process information.

One of the things you’ll see today is a refresh of the UI that’s more visually appealing. Refined colors, accessibility improvements, and easier navigation has been enhanced across the entire application.

You’ll also notice updated terminology in the Split application. They’re not called “splits” anymore. They’re called “feature flags.” After all, that’s the terminology you prefer, so we’re sticking to it.

Finally, we’ve simplified the way you configure feature flags in the app, ensuring you can quickly and confidently experiment and deliver software.

You can get the details about the product updates right here.

We Envision a “Feature Forward World,” Where Every Idea Gets a Chance

As we set out to reimagine the software development process, here’s the world we strive to create:

  • We envision a world where agile software development is the norm,
  • Where incremental improvements are released constantly,
  • Where trying new ideas is encouraged, expected, and obvious,
  • Where the fear of screwing up isn’t even a thing,
  • Where every feature is behind a flag, controlled and measured by a confident developer who wouldn’t have it any other way.

Evolution Never Stops

Expect small, frequent updates from us moving forward. That’s what continuous improvement is all about, right?

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Split gives product development teams the confidence to release features that matter faster. It’s the only feature management and experimentation solution that automatically attributes data-driven insight to every feature that’s released—all while enabling astoundingly easy deployment, profound risk reduction, and better visibility across teams. Split offers more than a platform: It offers partnership. By sticking with customers every step of the way, Split illuminates the path toward continuous improvement and timely innovation. Switch on a trial account, schedule a demo, or contact us for further questions.

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