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Split Free Edition Now Includes API Access, Workflow Integrations, and Audit Logs


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When John Donne introduced the concept that “no man is an island,” he was speaking to the human need to exist within a community to thrive. The same rings true for technology: that users extract greater value when new solutions are a part of the larger ecosystem and the workflows by which they operate.

The Split Free Edition has existed for a couple of years now, enabling smaller teams to leverage feature flags towards continuous delivery and strategic rollouts of product updates. But we realized that to more fully support this goal, we needed to ensure that Free Edition customers could nest the Split feature flag solution within how they do their work.

We have expanded our Free Edition capabilities: adding API access, workflow integrations, and audit logs.

Automate tasks using the Split API

With the Split API, you can send data to and from Split, build custom integrations, or build on the Split platform. By automating tasks, such as managing feature flags and segments, you scale your efforts and enable your teams to work faster.

Work management software company Workfront, an Adobe company, uses the Admin API in a few different ways:

  • They created a dashboard that allows them to do diffs on the JSON configuration of feature flags across environments and shows the toggles’ current state (on or off).
  • They also have a “feature flags as code” implementation where they store all production feature flags as JSON files and built a CI pipeline around it to apply changes to production.

Connect Split with your productivity, BI, monitoring, and other solutions

Send feature flag changes to the tools you use via our webhook or our workflow integrations with Jira, Slack, DataDog, New Relic, and more. Now you can export this data to share, analyze, or monitor, using the 3rd party tools that your team is accustomed to and relies upon.

Some examples of integrations customers have instituted:

  • Online consignment website and app thredUP integrates Split with their analytics tools (Redshift and Looker) so that their teams can do complex analyses on the efficacy of different experiences served up to the hundreds of thousands of daily site visitors.
  • WePay, a Chase company, provides online payment solutions via API. By connecting Split to their New Relic and Slack instances, they’re able to monitor and keep teams in the loop about the status of rollouts.

Track and monitor changes with access to audit logs

Finally, you can confidently expand usage across your team. With audit logs, you can easily track changes to feature flags, segments, or metrics. Be in-the-know, as you grow.

These expanded capabilities support flexibility and enable smaller teams to scale— doing more with less while customizing the experience to your team needs and maximizing on each solution’s merits within the tech stack.
And now, these capabilities are available to all Split Free Edition customers. Check it out today.

Learn how to make the most of Split Free Edition

Whether you’re just getting started on feature flagging or ready to leave behind an internal solution, Split provides a robust feature delivery platform that will help your team move faster, safer, and smarter. Check out these resources to learn more about newly available and upcoming features in our Free Edition:

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