A Holiday Wish List From Your Software Team

Tis the season for giving. In many companies, that means exchanging fruit baskets, sending holiday greetings, and sometimes passing along things your coworkers don’t really need.

Wait just a minute, Product and Engineering Managers! Before you treat your team to gift cards from the Outback Steakhouse, here are a few things the gang could really use. This shouldn’t be a substitute for the white elephant party–the gag gifts should stay. However, if you fulfill these unspoken wishes, you’ll make their jobs easier, faster, and less stressful next year. 

(X) Wrap Their Features in Feature Flags

From decoupling release and deploy, to enabling dark launches and gradual rollouts–no other toggle switch will deliver joy (and software so continuously). 

(X) Hang Up the Ugly Sweater, Weave Data Into Every Process

This isn’t a DIY gift. We’re not asking you to learn the loom. Just saying you should find a feature management tool that can attribute data to every release. Teams will get real-time feedback on everything they deliver, and you’ll get instant gratitude for the weave. 

(X) Save the Socks, Give Back Evenings & Weekends

Fleece keeps toesies warm. But, products that empower CI/CD plus small and frequent release strategies, eliminate the need for late-night releases and rollbacks. Guaranteed to warm the heart.

(X) Mornings Without Panic and Maybe a New Coffee Mug?

Look for feature management tools with proactive monitoring and alerts. Teams can get to the root of problem-causing features before problems arise. They’ll thank you for the triage-free mornings and soy latte in their cup. 

(X) Dynamic Configurations: Put a Bow On It!

If your best engineers are being asked to change the color of a button, you’re being a scrooge. Make those tedious tasks disappear like you’re the Ghost of Holiday Future. Dynamic configurations make small software changes easy enough for an intern.  

(X) The Gift to Try, Break, & Still Make Returns 

Every product developer wants an experimentation sandbox to play in. Get them a safe space with the ability to create easy A/B tests, beta tests, and multi-variants. One where they can try every hypothesis, break them (without breaking your core code), and take any feature back whenever they please. Talk about a lax return policy. 

(X) Peace on Earth (At Least Between Product & Engineering Teams)

When Product says “try this,” Engineering sometimes bites back, “over our dead bodies.” But, what if there didn’t have to be disputes between departments? Unite teams across silos with the right feature management and experimentation platform. By providing greater team visibility, psychological safety, and democratized data across departments through platforms like these, this selfless wish has never been more achievable. 

This Holiday, Give Your Software Team Split (and Sure, Outback Gift Cards, Too)

If there’s one gift to software teams that can achieve all of these things and more, it’s the Split Feature Data PlatformTM. By combining feature flagging with data, feature delivery and development is faster, safer, and the impact of everything you put out becomes incredibly visible. 

For your team, it’s not just about releasing software. It’s about releasing stress, too. 

Begin your free trial, request a demo, or get Split certified through our Split Arcade. Split Arcade includes product explainer videos, clickable product tutorials, manipulatable code examples, and interactive challenges. Breathe a sigh of release with Split!