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the Cube, Chris DeMars & Pierre-Alexandre Masse Interview

Chris DeMars, Developer Advocate at Split Software AND Pierre-Alexandre Masse, VP of Engineering at Split Software, joins theCUBE at AWS re:Invent 2022


Welcome back to the webinar replay of Chris DeMars and Pierre-Alexandre Masse’s session at AWS reInvent 2022. In this webinar, Chris and Pierre discuss the importance of feature flags, feature management, and experimentation in the agile transformation process. They highlight how these practices enable organizations to improve productivity and impact.

Feature flags allow developers to control the activation of code, facilitating better validation and measurement of features. By embedding feature flags in their code, teams can test and validate changes without disrupting the entire production environment. This approach empowers developers and streamlines the release process, making it safer and more efficient.

During the webinar, Chris and Pierre emphasize the value of feature flags for developers, productivity, and the overall developer experience. They discuss the benefits of decoupling deployment from release, enabling teams to have autonomy and reducing risks associated with simultaneous deployments. Additionally, they highlight how Split’s platform provides built-in metrics and measurement capabilities, simplifying A/B testing and decision-making processes.

The webinar also explores the role of feature flags in improving security and reducing the reliance on extensive release playbooks. It addresses the challenges organizations face when adopting agile technologies and the mindset shifts required for successful implementation. Chris and Pierre share insights on how Split’s solution helps organizations consolidate their tools and streamline processes, resulting in faster time to market, improved customer experience, and increased business impact.

Throughout the discussion, Chris and Pierre emphasize the importance of community and collaboration in developer advocacy. They highlight the benefits of being part of the AWS ecosystem and participating in events like reInvent, where companies can gain speed, innovate, and network with like-minded individuals.

In summary, this webinar replay provides valuable insights into the use of feature flags, their impact on the developer experience, and their role in accelerating software delivery. Watch the replay to learn more about Split’s approach to feature management and experimentation and how it can benefit your organization’s agile transformation journey.

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