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mParticle + Split

Supporting real-time testing in production with feature flags with mParticle and Split.

In this webinar, Director of Engineering for mParticle, Melissa Benua, and Split Developer Advocate, Talia Nassi, will show real-world examples and delve into how to:

  • Capture data, use it to drive tests
  • Feature flagging
  • Creating tests based on sanitized real user data
  • How E2E testing services (local, test, prod) driven by live or captured sanitized data, can run through oracles to give correctness

You’ll walk away knowing how to create a test based on your real user data, and how you can leverage tools like Split and mParticle for a meaningful impact on your product. Learn more about the Split & mParticle integration, including documentation .


Welcome to the replay of our webinar, “Your Customer and Featured Data Together.” Join mParticle and Split as they share their insights and stories on testing and production, feature flagging, and the importance of data in ensuring a seamless user experience. In this webinar, Talia Nasi, a developer advocate from Split, and Melissa Benua, Director of Engineering from mParticle, discuss the benefits of testing in a production environment and how feature flagging can enable targeted user experiences. They also highlight the significance of keeping test data separate from real user data and provide practical solutions for achieving this separation.

Key takeaways:

  • Testing in Production: Learn why testing in the actual production environment, rather than a dummy environment, is crucial for validating features and ensuring a bug-free release.
  • Feature Flagging: Understand how feature flagging allows you to target specific users, providing different experiences based on their needs and allowing for controlled testing and rollout.
  • Data Separation: Discover the importance of keeping test data separate from real user data and learn effective strategies, such as consistent naming conventions and backend flagging systems, to ensure data integrity.
  • Data-Driven Testing: Explore the concept of data-driven testing in production and how it can uncover valuable insights and scenarios that traditional functional testing may miss.
  • Oracles and Observability: Gain insights into using oracles, such as monitoring systems and observability tools, to detect and analyze issues in production, ensuring prompt remediation and improved reliability.

By watching this webinar replay, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of testing in production, feature flagging, and the role of data in delivering exceptional user experiences. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights shared by Talia Nasi and Melissa Benua. Join us and unlock the power of combining customer data and feature testing to create a robust and reliable software release process.

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We have a lot to explore that can help you understand feature flags. Learn more about benefits, use cases, and real world applications that you can try.

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