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Integrating Split and Jira

Split and Jira make it easy to create and connect feature flags to Jira issues, so your teams can stay up-to-date on projects and release statuses on both platforms.


One Click to Full Context: Feature Flags, Code Commits, Pipeline Runs and Tasks

Tune into our webinar with Stefano Guidici, Lead Product Manager, at Moneyfarm as he talks with Dave Karow, Sr. Manager, Technical Product Marketing, at Split and Ian Buchanan, Developer Partisan, Partnership Engineering, at Atlassian, about how his team saves time and effort by leveraging Split’s integration with Atlassian Jira.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Split & Jira power a more efficient release process
  • Practical tips from Moneyfarm on how using Split’s integration with Jira saves you time and effort 
  • How retiring flags and finding the exact line of code to take them out of, takes just seconds

Split pairs flag data with performance and behavioral events to perform causal analysis. Knowing whether every feature rollout is making things better or worse enables teams to deliver faster, safer and more collaborative releases.

Key Takeaways:

  • The conversation discusses how Moneyfarm gains DevOps efficiency using feature flags in context.
    • Download the Moneyfarm case study here.
  • The integration between Split and Jira enables quick movement between tasks, reducing cognitive load.
    • Check out the Split documentation for Jira Cloud here.
  • The bi-directional integration allows viewing Jira issues and feature flags in both Split and Jira interfaces.
  • The integration streamlines coordination, progressive delivery, and technical debt management, improving efficiency and collaboration.
  • The process involves implementing different journeys or features and using feature flags to control their visibility to users.
  • Collaboration between the product and engineering teams is crucial to determine the best approach for building and testing new features.
  • The process includes continuous delivery, iterations, and experimentation with new features on a small subset of customers before wider release.
  • The integration of Split and Jira is highlighted as a way to streamline documentation, linking user stories, feature flags, and code changes, making it easier to track changes, retire flags, and manage the development lifecycle.

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