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Experiment-Led Product Management

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn valuable insights and strategies for implementing experiment-led Agile product management in your organization.


Welcome to the webinar on experiment-led Agile product management. In this webinar, Pendo and Split join forces to discuss the benefits of using experiment-led Agile approaches in product management. The webinar covers various topics, including an overview of the companies, common use cases for Split and Pendo, a real example of experiment-led Agile product development, and a Q&A session.

Key Takeaways

  • Transitioning to a data-driven model: Learn how product management is shifting from gut-driven decision-making to data-driven approaches, enabling better decision-making and validation of ideas.
  • Multi-channel product usage: Understand the importance of considering multiple devices and channels when designing products, as users expect a seamless experience across different platforms.
  • The rise of SaaS and subscription-based models: Explore the ongoing transition from traditional purchase models to subscription-based services and how it impacts customer expectations and product development.
  • Optimizing trial experiences: Discover how combining Split and Pendo can enhance trial experiences by using feature flags, in-app messaging, analytics, and user feedback to improve onboarding and drive trial conversions.
  • Feature rollouts and analytics: Learn how to effectively release new features to a subset of customers, collect relevant data with Pendo, and use Split to analyze and make informed decisions based on user engagement and key metrics.
  • Continuous improvement and rapid iteration: Find out how experiment-led Agile product management enables teams to release features faster, iterate quickly, and make data-informed decisions to improve product performance and meet customer expectations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn valuable insights and strategies for implementing experiment-led Agile product management in your organization.

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