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Agility Comes From Within: Building Adaptable Products and Teams

What if you approached your product development process using the PM skills you know to apply to a product and it’s market?


This webinar explores Product Plan’s journey in transforming their team culture to become more agile and adaptable.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of Trust and Openness: Building trust and fostering an environment of openness within teams is crucial for adaptability.
  • Collaboration and Empathy: Teams should focus on collaboration, asking questions, and empathizing with each other’s perspectives to drive adaptability.
  • Questioning and Experimenting: Constantly questioning existing processes and experimenting with new approaches allows teams to iterate and improve their workflows.
  • Delivering Customer Value: Emphasizing the delivery of customer value over following rigid processes enables teams to stay agile and responsive to customer needs.
  • Impact on Stakeholder Satisfaction: Developing an adaptable team culture leads to increased excitement and satisfaction among internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: The journey towards adaptability is ongoing and requires consistent effort, including onboarding and hiring practices, to sustain and enhance team agility.

Overall, the webinar highlights the importance of creating an environment of trust, collaboration, and constant learning to foster adaptability within product teams, leading to improved outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.

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