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Understanding Experimentation Platforms

This eBook is an introduction for engineers, data scientists, and product managers to the world of experimentation. We provide a summary of how to build an experimentation platform as well as practical tips on best practices and common pitfalls you are likely to face along the way. Our goal is to motivate you to adopt experimentation as the way to make better product decisions. Download your free copy today!

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Build a Competitive Product Experimentation Platform

This eBook is a software developer’s playbook for mitigating unintended consequences during feature releases and how feature flags can help. The following companies build product experimentation platforms consisting of a robust targeting engine, a telemetry system, a statistics engine, and a management console. Download this eBook to learn how they did it!

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DevOps Best Practices

Whether you’re merging conflicts, managing silos, or working on the weekend, Engineering Managers can make life better for their teams.

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  • Running A/A Tests

    In an A/A Test environment, both the treatment and control variants are served the same feature, confirming that the engine is statistically fair and that the implementation of the targeting and telemetry systems are unbiased.
  • Understanding Power Dynamics

    Power Dynamics measures an experiment’s ability to detect an effect when there is an effect there to be detected.
  • Executing an Optimal DevOps Ramp Strategy

    During a ramp up process, taking too many steps or taking too long at any step can slow down innovation. But taking big jumps or not spending enough time at each step can lead to suboptimal outcomes.
  • Building Alerts and Automation

    By building in metrics thresholds, you can set limits within which the experimentation platform will detect anomalies and alert key stakeholders, not only identifying issues but attributing them to their source.

Drive Smarter Product Decisions Through Online Controlled Product Experiments

  • The targeting engine is responsible for dividing users across variants.
  • Telemetry is the automatic capture of user interactions within the system.
  • A statistics engine determines what feature caused a change in your metrics.
  • The management console is where experiments are configured, metrics are created, and results of the statistics engine are consumed and visualized.
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